Blaze Medical Solutions LLC helps healthcare providers provide superior patient care by saving time in the referral process.  Contact us to locate the healthcare specialist that can provide the services and products your patients and staff need.  We spend the time verifying these resources so you don't have to.  Work with Blaze Medical Solutions LLC and make the referral process more efficient.

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A Message From The Founder Chris Ygay

I have grown up around healthcare.  My mother was a nurse.   I have had physicians, nurses and physical therapists in my immediate and extended family.  In my early days I learned what it meant to care for someone else.  Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to provide excellent care for their patients.


I am also a businessman and passionate about entrepreneurship.  Small businesses have the ability to positively affect their communities.  They bring creativity and hard work to the table. 


Blaze Medical Solutions LLC bridges the gap between healthcare and business.  I realize your patients and clients need superior care.  I also know you have a business to run.  Our goal to benefit your business by finding resources that provide great patient care while making your operation more efficient.


We have spent years cultivating a network of excellent providers.  Choose to work with Blaze Medical Solutions LLC and let us make some introductions for you.